Why Choose Janguard for your IRA Transfer?

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With over $700 trillion in unfunded liabilities and historically low interest rates to start 2016, Janguard believes the United States will face its most inflationary period ever during the coming two decades. This could be felt the hardest by retirees whose IRA plans are not in asset classes that rise with inflation.

As the U.S. money supply tightens with rising interest rates currently held at 0.50%, traditional retirement assets such as stocks and bonds historically don’t fare well. From 1960 through 1980, for example, the Fed prime interest rate went from 4.5% to 21.5%. During this 20-year period, the Dow Jones industrial Average (DJIA) moved from $535 to $903 for an annual return of less than 2.7%.

That may seem like a respectable return, until you consider that, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the dollar lost 2.5% of its value each year during that same 20-year period, leaving investors with almost no real return.

What about bonds? According to the Wall Street Journal’s Guide to Understanding Money & the Markets, as interest rates rise, newly-issued bonds pay more, thus devaluing the lower-rate bonds you were holding at the time of the hike.

Janguard is your Partner for IRA Transfers

This is why Janguard becomes the ideal firm to partner with for your IRA transfer as rates rise and our nation’s debt becomes more costly. We can show you how to transfer your IRA into assets that historically benefit from high inflation.

Our IRA help center can clarify the difference between a transfer and a rollover, which has much more stringent rules in 2016. We can also explain the advantages and disadvantages between switching your IRA to a pre-taxed Roth IRA account.

Rest assured that IRA transfers are not taxable events where they involve a lateral move from one custodian to another, without you taking the funds in hand. Whether you’re unhappy with your current returns (or lack thereof, as the case may be), dislike the custodian, or just feel the tides of change approaching – let Janguard help you with your IRA transfer.

An IRA transfer does not have to be a confusing, expensive or stressful process. Most people do not want to spend more time than necessary thinking about their retirement accounts, and with good reason. This is why Janguard created IRAtransfer.com; we want to help you secure your financial independence so you can focus on living life on your terms.

Contact Janguard Now for More Information about an IRA Transfer

Contact our IRA advisers today for a free, confidential evaluation of your goals. We guarantee that if we cannot help you ride out the coming storm of inflation in comfort, we will be the first to let you know, and we’ll do our best to point you to someone who can meet your needs. Call us toll-free at 800.571.6341 because you deserve to experience the difference that only Janguard can make.