Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) Corporate Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Updated and revised December of 2014

Thank you for reading the Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) Corporate Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.

Money laundering refers to acts of hiding, concealing and/or disguising monetary proceeds with the goal of purposely misrepresenting the source of said monies. Often included in the act of money laundering is the financing of terrorist activities, in which the act of concealment/diversion of monies provides funding and profit for terroristic activities through various financial institutions.

In recent years, combinations of criminal skills and methods have increased, varied and evolved, and we have taken into consideration the importance of the measures against financing of terrorism based on the international community’s backing of ending terrorist threats, be they physical, financial, or otherwise. With that in mind, we state this official Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) corporate anti-money laundering support policy in order to pledge our dedication and willingness to ensuring funds are not channeled from or to criminal activities.

If the growing and disturbing trend of money laundering continues, business owners and consumers alike will be condoning thieves’ desires to commit future crimes. Furthermore, in addition to an increased level of organized crime in the financial sector it could become common for criminal organizations to exert an influence over legitimate economic activities on both local and national scales.

We must collectively and immediately take all necessary precautions to cease the flow of funds for terrorism and terrorist activities as if it is left unchecked it will continue to grow from a nuisance to a devastating threat to the international community.

Consequently, the crucial countermeasure against money laundering and financing of terrorism is for financial institutions to cooperate with one another. That said, all Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) representatives from interns to the CEO, and including independently contracting freelancers, must make every possible effort to prevent money laundering as well as its causes and consequences.

Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) adheres completely to all local, state and national laws regarding anti-money laundering policies. The full and official statement of Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) regarding money laundering and our Anti-Money Laundering policy can be found below. We have listed references to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) policies, guidelines, policies, regulations and laws, all of which we adhere to as a company and as individual officers, employees and/or independent contractors of Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com).

*Our entire staff undergoes initial and regular training to recognize potentially suspicious signals based on professional inquiries and all staff is trained to report such incidents immediately.

*Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) does not accept cash nor do we liquidate in cash. We only accept personal checks, cashier’s checks and/or company checks pursuant to transactions, as well as bank wire transfers originated in the United States.

*Clients who sell bullion and collector coins to us will receive payment via bank wire or company check, and clients who liquidate retirement account assets through us will have funds deposited into said retirement account.  Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) also reserves the right to refuse business for any reason we deem valid.

*Because Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) engages in transactions using exclusively the aforementioned financial instruments and does not deal with any other form(s) of digital and/or tangible currencies we are not a good target for tax cheats and/or money launderers.

*Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) transactions are executed only after the prospect’s identification has been verified by a US-based financial payment via US-originated personal check, business check or bank wire, for security purposes.

*As a further security measure all calls may be monitored and/or recorded for quality and/or training purposes and/or to record and report suspicious activity that may or may not be important to the proper authorities. Said records may be made available to US governing agencies through the Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) management team.

*Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) will also not accept payments/financial instruments that originated outside the US.

*Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) management takes steps to identify and report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. All Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) staff members and contractors are trained in recognizing, handling and submitting suspicious behavior to individuals in supervisory positions, as well as the proper and relevant authorities, without delay. Our reporting system will be monitored and improved on a regular basis to improve to the highest quality of standards.

IRS – https://www.irs.gov/irm/part9/irm_09-005-005-cont01.html

FinCEN – http://www.fincen.gov/statutes_regs/guidance/html/faq060305.html

Further information regarding the money laundering prevention practices of Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) may be requested via the Contact Us page of www.IRAtransfer.com or by calling 800.571.6341 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CST.