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Ronald Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” The management of Janguard could not agree more and are reminded daily that U.S. investors are facing the fight of their lives when it comes to their retirement and financial independence.

Times used to be simpler, more secure. The American tax-payer had a pact with Washington that a lifetime of hard work could secure the retirement each one of use deserved. That pact was based on trust and the promise that both sides would uphold their promise.

Washington has broken that pact and run up trillions in debt, virtually guaranteeing that promises made cannot be fulfilled.

If the U.S. markets fail so do many of our hopes and dreams. Why should the question of freedom present itself when discussing IRA transfers? It’s because we believe the citizens of the United States are under attack by presidential policy that is stripping wealth away as fast as you can accumulate it. According to usdebtclock.org, under the current administration U.S. debt and unfunded liabilities have skyrocketed to over $680 trillion.

How does this administration respond to the massive U.S. deficit? By authorizing Operation Twist to create tens of billions of dollars each month to buy the Fed’s own debt. Talk about throwing good money after bad. We believe this administration’s appetite for debt will skyrocket interest rates and inflation in the coming years. Would your retirement plans change if the dollar loses 75% of its value over the next ten years, while your assets stayed flat? Investors must protect their spending power from this attack from within.

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With interest rates so low (currently 0.25%) it’s important that you solidify your wealth with a plan that will ensure your spending power grows with increasing inflation. Call Janguard today at 800.571.6341 and ask to get started at once, or please claim your free copy of our award-winning Special Report: Profit From Rising Interest Rates now.