Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) Corporate Risk Disclosure Statement

Last Updated December of 2014

Thank you for taking the time to read about some of the risks associated with retirement account transfers and investing in precious metals. Although we try to cover many risks associated with transferring retirement accounts, as well as investing in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and/or rhodium, we are sure there are other factors of risk we have not considered in this document so due diligence is always recommended before beginning a retirement account transfer and/or making an investment in precious metals.

We are a 100 percent retirement account adviser and precious metals dealer. That means we don’t tell you what, when, where, why or how to buy or sell any item(s). You alone direct our actions, you are the “self” in the term “self-directed.” The Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) and its team does not give investment advice; we sell metals and give advice in regards to the tangible products we offer for sale or buy-back. We also don’t tell you what to do with your retirement account monies or how much money you should put into precious metals. This is something you alone must decide because the results (or lack of results) of your actions are something you alone will have to live with.

Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) is not a retirement account custodian, trustee, or provider. Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) is a full-service precious metals dealer that specializes in retirement account transfers. Our belief is that rising government debt, devaluing paper currency, and rising interest rates could negatively affect retirement account owners. Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) works with many clients that want help putting precious metals into retirement accounts. We can assist you in doing the paperwork and we ship your purchase to the custodian. We can also update you on the current value and help with liquidation. We are 100 percent independent of the custodian and depository that hold your metals and should not in any way be responsible for their actions.  All the IRA custodians we work with are self-directed, that means they offer no investment advice. You alone will direct your money.  We will be here to offer advice on buying or selling precious metals only. Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) officers, staff, employees and independently contracted freelancers are not licensed investment advisers.

All precious metal investments carry risk. Physical precious metals pay no dividend and produce zero income. Therefore anyone needing to earn income from their capital is advised to avoid investing in precious metals.

Forecasts and projections are just opinions and never facts.  No one knows what precious metal prices will be one minute from now, one day from now, one year from now, etc.

Precious metals markets’ past performance is not proof of future market performance. Just because something happened last time or every time does not mean it will happen again next time.

If any company ever tells you that they guarantee to buy back your precious metals hang up the phone. It is illegal and unrealistic to guarantee buy-back of precious metals. Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) has never declined to make an offer when a client wanted to sell their precious metals. We highly encourage you to call us when selling and we will always check all major exchanges to bring you our best buy price.  All dealers make a two-way market for their products but realistic ones will never guarantee it.

This is a risk that you may need to sell your precious metals before you have reached their buy/sell spread (difference between a dealer’s buy and sell prices). This would mean you would be selling for less than you paid. Additionally, the market price may drop adding to the time it would take to break even. This is why it’s suggested that 3-5 years be a minimum hold if you are buying the metals in the hope of appreciation in value.  Also, holding long-term is not a guarantee that your precious metals will rise above your purchase price.

Be sure to notify your tax attorney, CPA and/or accountant any time you sell metals for more or less than you originally paid. Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) will not offer any tax advice other than the very general information in this paragraph.

Janguard, Inc. (IRAtransfer.com) has never had a single claim of counterfeit products. This is not the industry norm as counterfeit metals are a growing problem and a real investor danger. Please view our official account agreement for information on the resolution process should a claim of counterfeit product be made.

This page will be updated periodically to stay current with local, state and federal laws regard risk disclosure statements. For more information on the risks associated with retirement account transfers and precious metals investing/investments, please contact a Janguard representative at 800.571.6341 today.