Can We All Agree On One Thing? There Is Nothing Great About Trump’s America!

We have had three years that prove that Trump’s management style, which may have worked in the hotel business, is a complete failure for a nation. The U.S. holds 28% of the world’s COVID-19 cases and 25% of the world’s deaths. Yet it has only 4.25% of the world’s population. 

This is because Trump has brushed this problem under the rug and silenced the experts.

When Trump did embrace the pandemic, it was only because he thought he could charm the nation with his daily briefings. Once he started to lose portions of his base due to his own failures, he cried like a spoiled child saying, “What’s the purpose?”, and “It’s just not worth the effort.”  

This is proof that Trump thought the briefings were about him and would replace his rallies.  The point of the briefings were to save lives and contain the virus, not to self promote. What he was really saying was, what’s the purpose if I am not going to get good ratings and the press to finally love me.

He later called the highest tally of cases and deaths “a badge of honor” blaming it on additional testing.  Where is the honor in such an utter failure and lack of leadership, accountability or compassion? 

Some would argue that the economy was doing better before the pandemic. So you do get a small boost economically if you allow corporations to run havoc on the environment and water supply. No big surprise there. Trump even tried to force auto executives to make their vehicles pollute more, but most refused. How would you or your grandchildren benefit from any of these policies?

So let’s say you feel Trump makes the country better, because you’re a white supremicist, and you like his white nationalist gambit. You still are losing on that front, because after three years of him, America’s decent folks are finally ready to take action on police brutality against the black community. It’s likely that this senseless violence against people of color will never be tolerated to the same degree again. So even the white racist can’t win under Trump, despite his best efforts.  

With every vulgar word, Trump is basically saying his base is as sinister as him too, because who else would be impressed by high death rates, polluted air, more rape in schools, zero science or facts, bullying everyone and blaming Obama for the results.

Trump is as disgusting of a human being that has ever walked the planet. Maybe not as violent but certainly as narcissistic as the worst of the human race. Time and time again he chooses the low road for what he assumes is a short term gain.  No competent executive throughout history has had such a short term (generally hours or day) vision. 

Great people take the high road, but Trump will always be stuck in the gutter, and he feels his base is there with him.  You can not have someone with such low intelligence and zero morals micromanaging every aspect of the most powerful nation on the planet. Nothing great can come of it, and now we all have absolute proof of it. 

Still need more proof? Just look to the world’s other far-right (so-called) strongmen in Brazil (#2 badge of honor) and Russia (#3 badge of honor) and the effects of COVID-19 on their countries. The world’s far-right strongmen are now proven to be merely scary low IQ bullies, and the world should do away with the myth of them for good.

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