U.S. Pledges up to $175 Billion for U.N. “Wish List”

U.S. Pledges up to 175 Billion for U.N. Wish List

Section 96 of a proposed United Nations resolution states that developed countries will “provide 1% of gross domestic product per year [beginning in] 2020, [as well as] additional funding during the pre-2020 period, to the Green Climate Fund.”

Agreeing to this stipulation has become a “legacy issue” for President Obama, meaning that in addition to the $3 billion already pledged by the United States to the U.N., American taxpayers could be on the hook for up to $175 billion for climate change assistance annually (the current U.S. GDP is $17.5 trillion).

Completion of this agreement would donate U.S. funds to “underprivileged nations” to “fight climate change,” even if the current pause in global warming continues beyond 2020.

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