5 Things not Mentioned in the State of the Union Address

5 Things not Mentioned in the State of the Union Address

President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address last week, and talked at length about how he plans to improve our economy in 2015. However, President Obama failed to mention 5 major  shortcomings in the economy, which we’ve listed below.

1. Participation in the labor force is currently at 62.7%. This is the lowest it has been since Jimmy Carter was President.

2. 46 million people received food stamps in 2014. This is a 25% increase over 2008, before President Obama took office.

3. President Obama has spent approximately $37 billion per day since he took office, thus adding a shocking $7.46 trillion to our national debt.

4. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is expected cost taxpayers some $1.84 trillion over the next 10 years.

5. The Obama administration has added $95 billion in new regulatory measures and has proposed another $181.5 billion.

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