Out-of-Control U.S. Debt: Will Santa leave $18 trillion under the tree?

Out-of-Control U.S. Debt Will Santa leave 18 trillion under the tree

As the national debt has surpassed the $18 trillion threshold, the US federal government has been exceedingly bad and should anticipate receiving a lump of coal this Christmas. With the holiday season approaching, we have the chance to highlight how wasteful our government is when it comes to using the money of its taxpayers. The enormous U.S. debt is horrifying to taxpayers and upstanding individuals in and of itself. If you think setting a holiday budget is challenging, consider some of the presents you could buy with $18 trillion.

-If you wanted to prepare a really nice Christmas dinner – for each of America’s 110 million taxpayers – you could do so with $18 trillion. We could feast all day and all night, stuffing ourselves with ham, green beans, macaroni and cheese, rolls, carrots and celery, pumpkin pie and coffee, and we would still have over $17 trillion left for the Salvation Army bell ringers. If we wanted to bring joy to the world by feeding every man, woman and child, it would only cost about $4 trillion.

-The iPhone 6 is likely to be one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year. The smartphone starts at $199, meaning America’s 110 million taxpayers could become the proud owners of 818 iPhones…each.

-Home Depot sells Christmas wreaths for $25.98 each. If each of America’s 110 million taxpayers wanted to really get into the holiday spirit, we could hang up some of those wreaths – 692,840,646,651 in total – meaning we would all need to find space for 6.928 wreaths.

While the above comparisons are admittedly somewhat facetious, there is no doubt that the $18 trillion debt owned by our government could have been used for better purposes than… well, for whatever it is that money supposedly went to. A recent government waste report claimed that we have spent millions on trivial things, like making cats run on treadmills and studying the effects of gambling on primates.

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