The $18 Trillion U.S. Debt in Perspective

The $18 Trillion U.S. Debt in Perspective

With the recent news that the national debt of the United States federal government has surpassed $18 trillion, according to, many U.S. citizens are investors are trying to wrap their heads around an almost unfathomable number. How many zeros are in one trillion? (12) How long did it take us to rack up the first $1 trillion in debt? (205 years) How long did it take us to go from a $17 trillion debt to a $18 trillion debt? (barely one year)

To put this massive number in perspective, Janguard has done some calculations to determine how many of different, commonly-used items one could purchase with $18 trillion.

1,993,355 – The number of homes you could buy in Atherton, CA, which is known as the most expensive zip code in the United States (94027).

2.5 million – The number of Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters you could buy. The Veneno is 2014’s most expensive car ($4.5 million) and only nine are being made this year.

600 million – The number of business you could open, if each business cost $30,000 to start. That’s almost two businesses per U.S. citizen.

16,374 – The number of years you could cover the costs of the 550 million Big Mac sandwiches that are consumed each year in the United States.

$57,507 – If we divided up $18 trillion among each person legally living in the United States, each resident’s share would be more than $50,000 USD.

As you can see, $18 trillion can be used (and/or wasted) in a lot of ways. Breaking down the number of $9 million homes or $4.5 million sports cars that can be bought with the amount of money that our nation owes is one way to highlight the culture of excess and waste that is Washington D.C. Will things ever change? Maybe. Will things change because politicians suddenly decide to do the right thing? Doubtful.

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